AI (Artificial Intelligence)

ABA Solution

Amo Best Air Solution

ABA is a unique AI home care solution that resolves bad air problems such as indoor fine dust, CO2 and VOC

Product line up

fter developing a vent cleaner, planning to expand the product lineups to ABA solutions that are necessary for sensing, linking and controlling

Development direction for ABA solution service

ABA Solution_Vent Cleaner

IoT-based product that combines all technologies such as equipment design, BLDC motor, sensor, network module, antenna, firmware and software based on electrospun nanofiber membranes

Application for design registration

Application Number
Wall-mounted air purifier 30-2019-0028246
Standalone air purifier 30-2019-0028247
Window-mounted air purifier 30-2019-0028248
Wall pad linked to ceiling air purifier 30-2019-0028249
Remote controller 30-2019-0028250

Future business roadmap